SOQ Submittal Guidelines

Engineering Consultants Section (ECS)

The ADOT section is responsible for facilitating the advertisement/solicitation, selection, negotiation, execution, management and administration of professional architectural and engineering (A/E) services contracts.

Prequalification Requirement

Prime Consultant firms must be prequalified with ECS before utilizing the electronic Contract Management System (eCMS) to submit online SOQ proposals. Firms not prequalified must allow sufficient time (7 to 10 business days) to have the Consultant Prequalification Application reviewed and approved by ECS prior to submission of an online SOQ proposal via eCMS.

Request for Qualification (RFQ ) Packages

RFQ Packages are available for downloading on the first Advertisement Date through the SOQ submittal deadline, and can be found on the ECS website under Current Advertisements. Carefully review each RFQ Package, as each package may vary . Proposer must adhere to the instructions in each RFQ Package, as they may vary, and to avoid SOQ proposal rejection. It is the sole responsibility of the proposer to ensure they are reviewing and working with the correct RFQ document and forms.

Amendments to RFQ Package

Amendments to the original solicitation/RFQ Package are sometimes made to clarify or modify the scope of work, submittal instructions and/or answer questions submitted by firms regarding information contained in the RFQ Package. Amendments are posted on the ECS website under the RFQ Package and Information Request. Firms submitting an SOQ proposal must acknowledge receipt of all Amendments by printing and signing each Amendment, and include them in their SOQ proposal submitted as required in the RFQ. If a signed copy of all Amendments for the contract are not attached to the firm's SOQ, the SOQ proposal shall be rejected.


Firms must register to receive courtesy email notifications of Amendments, deadline changes or other information related to a specific contract advertisement. To register, click on the highlighted Register link on any contract listed under Current Advertisements, complete the form in its entirety, check the box or boxes for the contract(s) that interest you and click "Send to ECS."

Method of Submission

All SOQ proposals, in response to an ECS contract advertisement, shall be submitted online or through eCMS using a Mobile Pass. ECS shall not accept hard copies of SOQ proposals. Detailed instructions for this process are available on the Consultant (ECS) Overview page. All deadlines are at 2 p.m. (Arizona time) on the specified due date.

It is recommended that firms perform a test run of the online submittal process prior to the actual SOQ submission. The purpose of a test run is to help resolve any system issues or technical difficulties well before submitting an actual SOQ proposal in response to a solicitation/advertisement.

ECS recommends that firms allow sufficient time for the SOQ submittal process. This will assist in resolving any technical difficulties prior to submission. Follow the instructions on how to resolve any technical difficulties in the Online Submittal Instructions. ECS is not responsible for unsuccessful online SOQ proposal submittal attempts. SOQ proposals not submitted by the date and time specified in the RFQ Package shall be rejected.

Should you require additional assistance or have further questions regarding this process, contact ECS at 602.712.7525.