Upcoming Projects - Engineering Consultants

Upcoming FY 2020 Design Projects

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is committed to continuing our strong partnering efforts with the consultant community in successfully delivering projects identified in the 2019-2023 Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program. To better communicate our needs for continued professional consulting services, ADOT has developed a list to document our estimated forecast of upcoming consultant needs for projects identified to be delivered in Fiscal Year 2020. The information provided in the list includes those projects that will require consultant services through existing On-Call contracts and those that will be advertised for consultant services as a Full Service contract. The list also identifies which projects will be delivered by ADOT directly. The anticipated project distribution and schedule for advertisement are subject to change depending on the resources and priorities of the agency and in no way should be considered final or taken as a guarantee of work.

Upcoming FY 2020 Design Projects

Upcoming Projects for Project Development On-Call Contract Series 2018-006

Consistent with 23 CFR Part 172, all individual Task Orders for Contract 2018-006 will be assigned to an on-call consultant based on a competitive basis.Attached are the anticipated upcoming projects which ADOT will request Statements of Interest (SOI) from prime consultants on the 2018-006 contract series.

Upcoming Project 2018-006