FAQ - Engineering Consultants


When will a contract be advertised?

This information can be obtained on the ECS page, the upcoming project listing and the five-year program.

How can I get copies of SOQs?

Download copies from the ECS page or request one from ECS.

What are some reasons a proposal can be rejected without review?

There are several common reasons a proposal can be rejected without review:

  • Incorrect formatting
  • Not prequalified
  • Over the page limit requirements
  • Lacking signature requirements

How long does it take to make a decision after the submittal deadline?

It generally takes three to four weeks, depending on the size of the project and the number of submittals.

How do I submit an SOQ if I'm an out-of-state firm with no ECS contracts?

Go to ECS Online for more information.


How long do I have to submit a cost proposal?

You have to way 21 days from your pre-negotiation meeting.

What does my firm need to submit to ADOT Audit and Analysis to receive a pre-award overhead rate?

Your firm needs all the items listed on the Advance Agreement Checklist.

When do I need to have a certified payroll?

You need to have a certified payroll when you have an overhead rate and it is submitted with the cost proposal.

Does a subconsultant need to have insurance to enter into a contract?

The primary consultant determines whether it is required of a subconsultant to have insurance.

What type of insurance is required by ADOT?

ADOT requires a range of insurance from its consultants:

  • Professional liability
  • General liability
  • Valuable papers
  • Workman's compensation
  • Auto liability

When do I need to have my insurance certificate to ADOT?

You need to have your insurance certificate before you receive your notice to proceed.

What happens if our firm and ADOT cannot come to agreement on the cost of the project?

ECS submits a "Best and Final" offer. If your firm does not accept this offer, ECS moves negotiations to the next ranked firm.

Contract Modifications

Does the contract modification I submit need to have an original signature?

Yes. Modifications are considered part of the legal contract document.

Can I request a specific amount for a COLA?

No. The amount is determined by the state engineer's office annually.

If a COLA is approved, do my subconsultants get one automatically?

ECS must receive a formal request from the primary consultant for the subconsultants.

What documentation and justifications need to be submitted with CMs?

Submit these documents and justifications with your CM:

  • Letter of request
  • Scope of work
  • Justification and derivation of cost for the primary and all subconsultants

Progress Payment Report

When should Progress Payment Reports be submitted?

Submit a Progress Payment Report once a month.

How can I register for electronic Automatic Deposit of payment?

What should be included with the Progress Payment Reports to ensure that it’s not returned or delayed?

In your Progress Payment Report, include correct format, work hours expended and supporting documents for compliance and cost.

Time Extension

What do I do if there is more work to be done and my contract is about to expire?

Request a time extension from your project manager.

Contract Closeout

What do I have to submit to ADOT when closing out a contract?

Submit a final invoice and the requirements listed on the Closeout Checklist.

Is my contract subject to a final audit?

All contracts are subject to audit.

How long do I need to keep my files?

Keep your files for five years after the contract closed date.


My question is not on the list above. Whom do I contact?

Go to the Contact Us page, contact the contract specialist for the contract or contact your contract branch manager.

How do I find out which specialists handle which type of contracts?

Go to the Contact Us page.

How do I find out which contract specialist is assigned to a contract?

Go to the Contact Us page.

Can I increase the rates on a contract when my yearly increases come into effect?

Contact ECS to determine if you are eligible.

Can I change the overhead rate during the course of a contract?

The answer to this question is determined by contract type. Contact the assigned contract specialist.

Do I need to submit supporting documents on a payment report for a Lump Sum by Task Order/CPFF/Lump Sum by Design type contract?

Yes. The paperwork varies by contract type.

Does a subconsultant need to be prequalified?

No. Only the primary consultant needs to be prequalified.

How is the work of a firm classified? As a subconsultant or a direct expense on a contract?

A subconsultant is a firm providing professional services on a contract; they make decisions, perform analyses or make recommendations. A direct expense is anyone who provides a service but does not make recommendations or perform analyses.

How do I add a new subconsultant to a CPFF, Lump Sum design or Lump Sum by Task Order contract?

Submit a written request to the project manager. Adding a new subconsultant requires a certified payroll and average hourly rates by classification.

How do I realign funds on a CPFF contract?

Submit a written request to the project manager for realignment with justification and changes in categories.