Quality Assurance and Quality Control

ENV has established this Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan (QA/QC Plan) to ensure the overall quality and efficiency of the environmental review process. This QA/QC Plan describes Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures and processes, QA/QC review documentation, document review procedures, quality document production guidance, and the staff responsible for performing activities and verifying compliance. Templates and tools for successfully implementing this QA/QC Plan are also included.

Quality Assurance is a system for ensuring a desired level of quality control in the development, production, or delivery of products and services. ENV defines QA as preventing problems, process monitoring, and self-assessment activity on a "program level." QA is employed at the project level and the management level to ensure that prudent QC procedures and tools are in place and are being carried out with the desired quality compliant products provided. QA includes having the procedures and support documentation in place to successfully conduct environmental document preparation and review.

Quality Control is a system for verifying and maintaining a desired level of quality in technical analysis and documentation through the use of proper checking against standards and verification of products. ENV defines QC as the day-to-day effort of identifying and correcting deficiencies and errors and the documentation of those efforts. QC is routinely employed at the production or "project level."

Part of quality management also includes communication and coordination to ensure that environmental mitigation measures and commitments are carried out. The two documents below demonstrate ADOT's procedures to accomplish this.