Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

The brochure provides an overview of Environmental Planning.

CE Assignment and NEPA Assignment

The assumption of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) environmental review responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

NEPA Guidance and Forms
Guidance for Federal-Aid Projects

A repository for guidance and documents related to environmental clearances for ADOT projects.  

Streamlining and Project Development
The ADOT Quick Reference Guide helps Environmental Planners and all Project Team members expedite environmental review of Local Public Agency projects.
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Water Resources

The ADOT Water Resources Group oversees regulatory requirements on surface and groundwater for ADOT activities and is responsible for improving water quality in by promoting innovative best management practices, providing effective water quality education, and facilitating cooperation among ADOT and affected stakeholders.

Air Quality
Air Quality

The ADOT Air Quality Planning Group works to enhance air quality through congestion mitigation, air quality programs, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) planning activities to implement provisions required in the Clean Air Act to meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards throughout Arizona.


The ADOT Noise Team works to provide procedures for noise studies and noise abatement measures, supply noise abatement criteria, and to establish requirements for information to be given to local officials for use in the planning and design of highways approved pursuant to Title 23, United States Code (U.S.C.).

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The ADOT Biology Program is comprised of biologists and specialists focused on evaluating sensitive species, developing appropriate conservation measures and coordinating the biological components of ADOT projects and operations with land managing and resource agencies and Arizona tribes.

Cultural Resources

The ADOT Historic Preservation Team members are responsible for the inventory and evaluation of cultural resources within ADOT’s right-of-way, and for ensuring that ADOT construction, maintenance, and operations activities are in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the Arizona Historic Preservation Act, and other relevant state and federal regulations.

Hazardous Materials

ADOT projects that entail, subsurface excavation, structure demolition or renovation, property acquisition, and other significant actions with potential impacts to the environment, must have an assessment performed to determine the potential liabilities, health and safety concerns, and other consequences related to the presence of hazardous material impacts. These assessments are generally performed under the guidelines of the EPA, FHWA, ASTM, OSHA, & ADEQ.

Material Source Guidance

For any given project, the contractor supplies the needed materials by using either an ADOT-licensed source or a contractor-furnished source. Whether the material source is an ADOT-licensed source or contractor-furnished source, it requires environmental approval prior to every use.

Bank Protection on SR 89A

A repository for guidance and documents related to maintenance activities and encroachments permits.


Upcoming and suggested environmental training.



ADOT is dedicated to being a leader in initiatives and programs that support and protect the environment and the quality of life for all of Arizona. Read more about some of the ways ADOT is identifying and addressing environmental issues in our state.

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Approved Environmental Documents

A list of recently approved Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements.

Additional Resources

Forms and templates are here for ADOT staff and consultants.

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