Accident Reporting Procedure

Accident Reporting Procedure

Even the most careful driver may at some time be involved in an auto accident. Knowledge of what to do after the accident can make the experience a little less frightening and decrease the chance of unnecessary complications.

  • Safely move off mainline if possible

    • Activate hazard lights on state vehicle
    • Place flares, flags, cones, if appropriate - reduce hazards to prevent secondary crashes
    • Offer assistance – check for injuries
  • Notify local law enforcement
  • Refer to the ADOT accident packet located in the glove box
    • Distribute and collect witness information cards
    • Provide other driver with state vehicle insurance information
  • Secure other driver information – name, address, insurance carrier name with policy number
  • Notify your supervisor
  • Automobile Loss Report Docusign – available at the ADOTNet – and submit as instructed as soon as possible – and no longer than within 10 days
  • Call ADOT Risk Management (602.712.7744) immediately for events resulting in injury or significant property damage


  • Comment on fault or liability
  • Argue or debate
  • Discuss the event with anyone except law enforcement authorities and/or State of Arizona personnel with a need-to-know