Equipment Services

Equipment Services

ADOT Equipment Services is a full service professional fleet operation that manages all fleet aspects for over 60 state agencies employing close to 200 professionals. Known as the state’s fleet operations agency, Equipment Services also manages and operates 23 vehicle/equipment repair shops and 58 fueling facilities statewide. Through Intergovernmental Service Agreements, Equipment Services also conducts vehicle maintenance/repairs and shares the fueling network with over 50 additional agencies. The ADOT Equipment Services fueling network is recognized as the state’s emergency fueling system at time of a fuel shortage or an emergency crisis.

As of March 1, 2019 - Equipment Services consolidated the fleet operations for the Arizona Department of Administration to include all acquisition, disposal, and the maintenance and repair for state agencies that do not have statutory authority to operate their fleet.

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Meet the team

Devin J. Darlek
State Fleet Administrator
Responsible for all Equipment Services’ operations and also serves on the Governor’s Fleet Council as Chairman
602.712.6630, 602.712.6524

John Wakefield
Fleet Management Information Systems Manager
Responsible for the state’s largest fleet asset management system, the state’s main fuel system database and oversees the Equipment Services rates and billing system.

Gary Lowe
Fleet Manager
Responsible for acquisition and disposal of state fleet assets, handles license and titling for state agencies and also serves on the Governor’s Fleet Council.

Lionel “Mac” McFarlane
Vehicle Maintenance Operations Manager
Responsible for all statewide vehicle/equipment repair facilities to include all statewide Parts Departments.

Anna Gomez
Business Operations Manager
Responsible for Vehicle and Equipment Risk Management, Technical Training, Human Resources functions, Automotive Service of Excellence (ASE) stipend pay program and other operational special projects for Equipment Services.

Todd Brown
Fuel Systems Manager
Responsible for all statewide fueling sites, manages the technician training program, and the shop environmental programs.

Lori Anderson
Fiscal Services Manager
Responsible for Equipment Services budgets, Intergovernmental Service Agreements, customer billing, and the overall business manager oversight duties

During an emergency, phone the 24-hour, toll-free statewide hotline at 877.800.8520.

Vehicle User Handbook

Vehicle surplus

Surplus items are first offered for sale to other state agencies, local government agencies, school districts and other eligible nonprofit institutions.


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