International Border Inspection Qualification

International Border Inspection Qualification

Border Liaison Unit - Training - IBIQ


The purpose of this program is to have the International Border crossing drivers inspect their truck and tractors, so that when they arrive at the ports they will have inspected their Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) and present the inspector a copy of their findings. This streamlines the inspection process and improves the safety of all commercial motor vehicles crossing at the International Ports, in route to our highway system.

This will allow our Inspectors to focus on drivers who are not in the program and give us a greater ability to enhance highway safety. The Border Liaison Unit will be required to provide the training to the drivers in accordance with current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The following steps will be taken in this process.

The Border Liaison Unit will provide the following IBIQ Training:

  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection Training and Qualification.
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection Verification process.
  • Provisions for Noncompliance and Penalties.
  • Driver written and Practical Exam to Enhance Knowledge and Safety.
  • Use of timely Electronic means of Communication. (WhatsApp)