Joint Project Agreement

The Joint Project Agreement (JPA) section, within the Infrastructure Delivery and Operations Division (IDO), acts under the authority and requirements of Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 11-951 through 11-954 and 28-401. The JPA section is responsible for writing and processing Joint Project, Intergovernmental, Interagency Service and Interstate Agreements. The JPA section prepares legally binding documents, primarily used as a mechanism for the exchange of funds between ADOT and other agencies or organizations to contract for services and to establish the responsibilities of each party. Agreements for federally funded projects must be signed and executed prior to the authorization of funds and initiation of the project.

All current agreements processed by the JPA section can be found in the Comprehensive Agreement Resource (CAR), a Web-based system available to those with ADOT network access (available after login at http://car). Agreements written prior to January 2013 can be found in the JPA Launch system, a read-only resource.


Joint Project Agreement Instructional Guide for Comprehensive Agreement Resource (CAR)

Joint Project Agreement Amendment Request Form

Joint Project Agreement Guidelines