FAQ - Joint Project Agreement

FAQ - Joint Project Agreement

Joint Project Administration

What is the difference between a JPA and an IGA?

Agreements between the state and nongovernment agencies are JPAs. Agreements between the state and local government agencies are IGAs.

When do I submit a JPA request?

Submit a JPA request prior to the start of the project. The IGA/JPA must be EXECUTED before the project funding will be authorized.

If I do not have access to the JPA Launch System, what do I have to do to gain access?

The JPA Launch System is no longer used to request agreements and is used as a reference, read-only tool. The Comprehensive Agreement Resource (CAR) has replaced the JPA Launch System.

When is an amendment needed, and how do I request one?

If the Scope of Work responsibilities, project costs and/or funding amounts change, then an amendment is needed. The Amendment Request Form will need to be filled out and emailed to [email protected].

How long does it take to execute an agreement?

On average, it takes 120 days to process an agreement from initiation to execution.


Comprehensive Agreement Resource (CAR)

How do I add the CAR link to my desktop?

Login to the ADOT intranet, type "http://car/" in a browser window, and click Download Shortcut.

Who do I contact for CAR system training?


Contact the JPA branch, the CAR administrator and/or [email protected]

How do I obtain a CAR Manual for Project Agreement and Non-Project Agreements?

Open the CAR System. Using your cursor, hover over Dashboard, click Add Agreement, click the question mark for the specific CAR Manual, or contact the CAR administrator.

Is there a guide for initiating Projects in CAR?

Yes, the Joint Project Agreement Instructional Guide for Comprehensive Agreement Resource (CAR) is a step-by-step guide to initiate an Agreement in CAR and is also found at azdot.gov/JointProjectAgreement.

What if the local entity (other party to the agreement) is not listed in the CAR System? (Example: I am doing a JPA with a developer …)

Email [email protected] with the complete entity contact information (i.e., name of entity, address, phone number, etc.).

What if the contact person is not listed in CAR?

Email [email protected] or [email protected] and provide the contact information to be added (i.e., name of entity, address, phone number, and email address.).

How do I initiate a project number in the CAR System?

Only agreement numbers can be initiated in the CAR System; project numbers are initiated with the project master. If the agreement is for a project with an ADOT project number, the ADOT project number must be in Advantage before proceeding.

Where can I enter reference information associated with a non-project agreement?

Enter all reference information in the comment section under the Agreement tab.

Where can I find the status of an agreement?

You can find it under the Summary tab of the agreement or under the Approvals tab of the agreement.

How can I search for an agreement?

Click Dashboard and enter information into any of the fields (i.e., the project number, the agreement number, the entity name [this will show all agreements with that entity], etc.).*


Hover over the Dashboard tab. A drop-down box will appear. Click Agreement Search and enter the information into any of the fields.*

*Note: Information can be entered into more than one field when searching for an agreement.