Partnering Evaluation Program (PEP)

The Office of Partnering has developed a unique and highly effective process of evaluation and measurement known as the Partnering Evaluation Program (PEP). The purpose of PEP is to measure the performance of teams relative to their ability to work together. The result is an array of processes that allows teams to measure team successes accurately; identify, track, and correct or take action against issues that require attention; and provide valuable feedback throughout the life of the team activity. PEP is flexible in that it allows team participants to determine what the team goals are and how they are defined.

All team members participate in regular evaluations, and their responses provide feedback that is paramount to the success of the team. Results of evaluations are tabulated and discussed at all partnering team meetings.

PEP identifies and interprets the data components of each team’s activities. The criteria used to measure the progress of team objectives include five standard goals: quality, communication, issue resolution, teamwork and schedule. Each standard goal contains a subgoal that defines exactly what each goal means to the team as a whole. The result is that teams can work together toward meeting common, clearly defined goals. PEP allows teams to add up to five additional goals and subgoals depending on the needs of each team.