Partnering Evaluation Program (PEP)

Partnering Evaluation Program (PEP)

The Partnering Evaluation Program (PEP) provides a tool for teams to measure their performance relative to their ability to work together. Reviewing PEP feedback regularly allows teams to identify and resolve problems, as well as celebrate successes. 

The criteria used to measure the progress of team objectives includes five standard goals: quality, communication, issue resolution, teamwork and schedule. Each standard goal consists of subgoals defined by the team that describe what each goal means to the team as a whole. The result is that teams can work together toward meeting common, clearly defined objectives, resulting in the completion of a successful project. 

The Partnering Office creates a fillable PEP form that is emailed to team members monthly. Each individual rates and adds comments for the five goal categories and submits the form.

The Partnering Office summarizes the monthly data and shares the results with all team members that are participating in PEP. This provides an opportunity for teams to discuss how well they are meeting their partnering goals, determine ways to continuously improve and also celebrate successes.


Example of Partnering Evaluation Summary

Partnering Evaluation Program Results

Scores and Comments: Teamwork and Relationships