Contract Administration Subcommittee

The Contract Administration Subcommittee is responsible to create new or revise existing standards as directed by the Standards Committee within the subcommittee areas of responsibility.


Name Organization
Shiva Sunder, Chair ADOT Contracts and Specifications
Rob Bottcher, Vice Chair Associated General Contractors
Karen Hobbs, Vice Chair American Council of Engineering Companies

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be scheduled quarterly and as needed.



Name Organization
Brian Gallimore Associated General Contractors
Michael Traubert ADOT Standards Implementation and Training Manager
Steve Campbell Associated General Contractors
Tom Mowery-Racz ADOT Contracts and Specifications Transportation Engineer

Subcommittee Areas of Responsibilities

Standard Specification/Drawing/Manual Division/Chapter Sections/Drawing No.
2008 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction Division I All
Stored Specifications   All 100 Series
2008 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction Division IX 901,923,926
Stored Specifications   901, 923
Stored Specifications   Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (STORED)
Stored Specifications   All BECO Developed Specifications
Stored Specifications   All Boiler Plate Contract Provisions (Federal, etc)
Stored Specifications   All Non Numbered Specifications