In-street Pedestrian Crossing Sign

In-street Pedestrian Crossing Sign

In-Street signs are plastic signs placed in the roadway at the un-signalized crosswalk location, waking the motorists aware of their responsibilities “Yield to Pedestrians” or “Stop for Pedestrians” in the Crosswalk.

In-street signs can be permanently installed in the roadway or mounted on a portable base to allow them to be taken in and out of the street for special needs. They are more effective on two-lane low-speed streets than on multi-lane high-speed streets. Placing signs on medians/islands may prevent them from being stuck by vehicles and thus may be more effective than the in-street placement.

Note:  Crosswalk Visibility Enhancements countermeasure must also be implemented.

Example of In-street Pedestrian Crosswalk sign
Photo courtesy of / Peter Speer