Work Zone Safety and Mobility

Work Zone Safety and Mobility

WZSM Conformance Review

This review is tied into our stewardship agreement with FHWA.

From 23 CFR 630.1014: 
Each State shall work in partnership with the FHWA in the implementation of its policies and procedures to improve work zone safety and mobility. At a minimum, this shall involve an FHWA review of conformance of the State’s policies and procedures with this regulation and reassessment of the State’s implementation of its procedures at appropriate intervals


WZSM Process Review

This review is mandated in the language from the Rule on Work Zone Safety and Mobility and is also reflected in ADOT Policy ENG 07-3.

From 23 CFR 630.1008 (e):
Process review. In order to assess the effectiveness of work zone safety and mobility procedures, the States shall perform a process review at least every two years. This review may include the evaluation of work zone data at the State level, and/or review of randomly selected projects throughout their jurisdictions. Appropriate personnel who represent the project development stages and the different offices within the State, and the FHWA should participate in this review.