Medical Certification (CDL)

On Dec. 9, 2021, Governor Doug Ducey announced a series of actions that ADOT is taking to safely ease the process for obtaining a Commercial Driver License (CDL) in an effort to alleviate stress on the transportation system and help address the nationwide supply chain crisis. These actions include:

To facilitate more commercial drivers being able to obtain credentials, through Executive Order, the Governor will extend the validity of the commercial learners’ permit (CLP) from six months to one year for those that expire between Dec. 1, 2021 and Feb. 28, 2022, in alignment with federal law. This gives a student more time to fulfill training requirements without having to reapply for a new permit. The purpose of the CLP is to allow a student to operate a commercial motor vehicle for training purposes with a licensed driver present. 

The Executive Order, in alignment with the current federal waiver, will temporarily allow a commercial driver to keep their CDL past the date that the person’s medical certification is required, until Feb. 28, 2022. CDLs are regulated by the federal government. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) previously initiated a series of waivers, including one that allows a driver to keep their CDL active temporarily after the expiration of a medical certificate. Arizona will adopt this practice temporarily, until Feb. 28, 2022, to keep current CDL holders on the road and alleviate supply chain challenges. CDL holders can upload documents online, as well as verify the status of their Arizona medical certificate, at

Read the Executive Order HERE.

NOTE FROM MVD: Because of the Executive Order, Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) may display with a Medical Certification Status of “certified” when the driver's medical certificate expired on or after 12/1/2021.

The Medical Review Program helps ensure that CDL drivers meet Federal Regulation 49 CFR 391.41 Physical Qualifications for Drivers and CFR 391.43.

Starting May 21, 2014, all commercial motor vehicle drivers must have a physical performed by a medical examiner listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

We review the DOT Medical Examination Report (long form) and Medical Examiner Certificate (cert card, or short form) for completeness and ensure the medical examiner has qualified the driver according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations.

Arizona requires all CDL drivers, including those in the military, to keep a current Medical Examiner Certificate on file with MVD. The Medical Examiner Certificate is to be renewed every 24 months or sooner, as determined by the medical examiner or by regulation. Failure to maintain a current certificate on file with MVD will result in the suspension and revocation of your CDL.

To check on your Arizona medical certification, activate your AZ MVD Now account to verify the status. Once medical certification is submitted please allow 10 days for processing prior to checking status.

A courtesy expiration notice is sent to the driver 45 days prior to the expiration date. It is the responsibility of the driver to provide a new Medical Examiner Certificate on or before the expiration date of the document currently on file.

If you no longer wish to keep your CDL, you must go to an MVD office and downgrade to a regular Class D operator license or Class M motorcycle license prior to the expiration of the current medical certification, to avoid suspension, revocation or both. Application fees will apply.

Additional Requirements

If you receive a request for additional information this means your medical certification was incomplete, you require restrictions to be added to your license, or both. Please note that only the boxes marked apply to you. Corrections to your examination report must be initialed and dated by your physician.

Any request for restrictions to be added to your license can be done at any MVD office or  CDL office. A duplicate license fee will be charged.

If you do not submit the requested information and/or add a required restriction in a timely manner, your CDL privilege will be suspended, revoked or both. If it becomes suspended, revoked or both, you may submit the requested information to a CDL office or by using our secure email system. You must visit a CDL office to reinstate your CDL and pay any applicable fees.

You may submit the Medical Examiner Certificate to the Medical Review Program by the following methods:

  • Mail: PO Box 2100, Mail drop 818Z Phoenix, AZ 85007
  • Fax: 602.239.6288
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Questions: Please call 602.771.2460