Autonomous Vehicles Testing and Operating in the State of Arizona


Testing or Operating Autonomous/Self-Driving Vehicles on Arizona Public Roads

Testing or operation of self-driving vehicles equipped with an automated driving system on public roads are required to follow all federal laws, regulations and guidelines, Arizona State Statutes, Title 28 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, all regulations and policies set forth by the Arizona Department of Transportation and Executive Orders.

Testing or Operating WITHOUT a person present in the vehicle

Testing or operation of vehicles that do not have a person present in the vehicle shall be allowed only if such vehicles are fully autonomous, and if prior to commencing testing or operation of the fully autonomous vehicles, an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Statement and Certification has been submitted to the Arizona Department of Transportation acknowledging:

Unless an exemption or waiver has been granted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fully autonomous vehicle is equipped with an automated driving system that is in compliance with all applicable federal law and federal motor vehicle safety standards and bears the required certification label(s) including reference to any exemption granted under applicable federal law.

If a failure of the automated driving system occurs that renders that system unable to perform the entire dynamic driving task relevant to its intended operational design domain, the fully autonomous vehicle will achieve a minimal risk condition.

The fully autonomous vehicle is capable of complying with all applicable traffic and motor vehicle safety laws and regulations of the State of Arizona, and the person testing or operating the fully autonomous vehicle may be issued a traffic citation or other applicable penalty in the event the vehicle fails to comply with traffic and/or motor vehicle laws.

The fully autonomous vehicle meets all applicable certificate, title registration, licensing and insurance requirements.

Compliance with the Law Enforcement Protocol and submission of a Law Enforcement Interaction Protocol outlined in section III.

If a person fails to submit the required documents outlined above, the Arizona Department of Transportation has the authority to immediately issue a cease and desist letter revoking any permissions to operate a fully autonomous vehicle on Arizona's public roads, until the person has submitted the statement and is in compliance with laws and regulations relating to fully autonomous vehicles.

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