Selling Your Vehicle


When a vehicle is sold (or otherwise transferred) you, the seller, are required to:

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  • complete a sold notice on AZ MVD Now.
  • sign off the back of the title and have your signature notarized
  • remove the license plate from the vehicle and transfer it to another vehicle you own, or destroy it
  • give the title to the buyer with any lien release, if applicable
  • within 30 days transfer the plate credit to another vehicle that you own, or request a registration credit.

Sold Notice/Transfer of Ownership

Complete a Sold Notice

When you sell, trade-in, end your lease, donate, or otherwise transfer ownership of your vehicle, you must notify MVD by immediately completing a sold notice. This is a free service. This notice may help protect you from liability if the vehicle is:

  • used for criminal activity
  • involved in an accident
  • ticketed
  • abandoned ($500 fee)


Upon sale or transfer of a vehicle, the registration for that vehicle is no longer valid. The buyer must visit any MVD or Authorized Third Party office to transfer the title and register the vehicle.

If it is necessary to drive the vehicle to complete this transaction, the buyer must obtain a Restricted Use Three-Day Permit, for private sales, or a Temporary Registration Plate, for vehicles purchased from a licensed dealer.

For additional information, please see our Vehicle Services FAQ.