Autonomous Vehicles Testing and Operating in the State of Arizona

Autonomous Vehicles Testing and Operating in the State of Arizona


Autonomous vehicles is a worldwide emerging technology, with much of the testing and commercial deployment taking place in Arizona. 


  • 2015 — Governor Doug Ducey signs an Executive Order 2015-09 outlining Arizona’s process for the safe development and testing of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies. 
  • 2017 — Two years later, HB 2159 passes allowing for the demonstration of truck platooning technology on Arizona's highways. 
  • 2018 — In March, the Governor issued Executive Order 2018-04 to reflect advancements in technology and testing. 
  • 2018 — HB 2422 passes allowing for “personal delivery devices” to operate in Arizona.
  • 2019 — HB 2132 passes allowing for the operation of “personal mobile cargo carrying devices.”
  • 2021 HB 2813 passes codifying much of Executive Order 2018-04 into state law. 
  • 2022 SB 1333 passes that creates a new vehicle type of Neighborhood Occupantless Electric Vehicles (NOEV).  These vehicles are low speed vehicles and will not have passengers or a driver.

Testing or Operating Autonomous/Self-Driving Vehicles on Arizona Public Roads

Testing or operation of self-driving vehicles equipped with an automated driving system on public roads are required to follow all federal laws, regulations and guidelines, Arizona State Statutes, Title 28 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, all regulations and policies set forth by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Current Testing and Operations

Listed below are companies who have submitted to test autonomous vehicles in the State of Arizona. Please click on the links below for specific company information and updates.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also has nationwide AV testing information available on their AV TEST Initiative  webpage. 

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