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Accept no substitutes: MVD warns against misleading or scam ‘DMV’ websites

Accept no substitutes: MVD warns against misleading or scam ‘DMV’ websites

March 9, 2017

PHOENIX – Did you know there is no “DMV” in Arizona?

It’s true, in Arizona it’s known as the Motor Vehicle Division – or MVD for short – and it’s part of the larger Arizona Department of Transportation.

That’s important to customers for a big reason: Doing a web search using “DMV” will often direct you to websites that aren’t affiliated with Arizona’s MVD. That’s why Arizona drivers who need to renew their registration, order a specialty plate, file a sold notice, get a replacement driver license or ID and many other transactions available online should only use ServiceArizona.com.

“ServiceArizona.com is a great way to get people out of line and safely on the road because it’s available to people 24 hours a day, every day of the year,” MVD Director Eric Jorgensen said.

He added, “People need to know that ServiceArizona.com is the only website authorized to do MVD transactions. Customers should beware of misleading or scam websites, some of which may ask you to pay additional fees for online services, which ServiceArizona.com will never do.”

Some unauthorized websites go beyond claiming to offer a service. There are sites that are merely attempts to obtain sensitive personal information that can be used to commit fraud or identity theft. Additionally, MVD does not offer services through phone solicitation. The only legitimate sources for MVD customer transactions are ServiceArizona.com, MVD offices, U.S. mail and Authorized Third Party offices.

MVD maintains a website for general inquires and frequently asked questions at azdot.gov/mvd.