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ADOT ECD continues its mission to provide for a safer Arizona using technology to move ahead in 2015

ADOT ECD continues its mission to provide for a safer Arizona using technology to move ahead in 2015

March 4, 2015

The Enforcement and Compliance Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation is more visibly known for its Enforcement Services, the unit that helps to ensure that commercial vehicles adhere to federal and state regulations. One of the primary goals is to improve Arizona’s ability to move people, goods and services in a safe, efficient manner through the use of education, enforcement and technology.

Enforcement Services is looking to implement virtual inspection stations at key rest areas. The state of the art technology will contain the ability to capture the axle and gross vehicle weight of the commercial vehicle in addition to the federal DOT number and license plate information. Immediately as the vehicle travels over the sensors, the system – which can be operated remotely or on-site – transmits the captured information to a central monitoring site in order to further the compliance of commercial vehicle weight, registration and permit requirements.

The unit implemented an Electronic Permit and Routing Operation system through a partnership with the motor carrier industry and the Arizona Trucking Association. The new tool, known as ePRO, provides an easier process for trucking companies and drivers to obtain more than 70 categories of permits 24/7 through the Internet. The online system provides immediate routing and roadway information along with eliminating the previous confusion of having multiple processes to submit applications, pay and receive permits.

The improvement of services will be furthered with the planned implementation of a Computer Aided Dispatch system. The system will improve the management of activity data, and facilitate timely retrieval of information to prepare detailed records. The program will increase safety of the ADOT officers by providing instant response to criminal justice inquiries, allow for the monitoring of the officer’s activity and location.

ADOT Enforcement and Compliance Division also includes the functions of the Office of the Inspector General. For 2015, there will be several improvements to how service is delivered by the division in the performance of state mandates.

The Office of the Inspector General conducts criminal and administrative investigations relating to agency operations, crimes involving fraudulent transactions with an Arizona title, registration or driver license along with violations involving licensed and unlicensed vehicle dealer operations.

OIG continuously works in partnership with numerous federal other state law enforcement agencies to investigate the problem of counterfeit identification created in foreign countries and made available online.

The Fraud Unit targets the illegal activities of criminal enterprises who steal the identities of victims, and manufacture fraudulent government documents and credentials. ADOT OIG and joint agency investigations into these criminal organizations have resulted in numerous arrests and charges ranging from computer tampering, forgery, fraudulent schemes, participating in a criminal syndicate, trafficking in stolen property, theft of means of transportation and illegal enterprise. These investigations have resulted in numerous criminal charges filed and arrests of those involved in the illegal activities.

The ADOT Enforcement and Compliance Division will continue its role for providing for a safer Arizona through enforcement of federal and state laws governing commercial vehicle operation, conducting administrative hearings on behalf of petitioners and performing criminal and administrative investigations.