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ADOT MVD: Don’t pay for things that are free

ADOT MVD: Don’t pay for things that are free

June 4, 2019

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division is urging MVD customers to be careful when looking up websites for motor vehicle services. Copycat websites not operated by the MVD may charge for services people can otherwise get for free.

“We frequently get contacted from people who used a website such as DMV.org or Drivers-Licenses.org, and were charged improper or exorbitant fees for something that’s free, and we never want to see that happen,” said MVD Deputy Director Chad Campbell.

There are only two online service portals for the Motor Vehicle Division: ServiceArizona.com, and AzMVDNow.gov. Customers may establish a personal MVD account at Az MVD Now, and that portal will also be adding more service options later this year.

Campbell added, “What’s even worse than charging for something that’s free is making someone pay and then not delivering the service at all, which happens occasionally. Customers will contact us wondering what happened when in fact they used a website that isn’t affiliated with the MVD and they’ve been scammed.”

“Much of the problem stems from people doing a web search for the ‘Arizona DMV’ or something similar,” he noted. “DMV is a common term, but there are many motor vehicle agencies in states like Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Washington and others that, like Arizona, use a different name. Web scammers know that and take advantage of it. It’s important that consumers avoid the ‘DMV’ clone websites and always use trusted sources like AZ MVD Now and ServiceArizona.com.”

For more information: azdot.gov/mvd