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ADOT unveils five new specialty license plates

ADOT unveils five new specialty license plates

July 13, 2023

Two redesigned plates also available through Motor Vehicle Division

PHOENIX – Arizonans now have even more choices to support their favorite charitable causes as the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division offers five new specialty license plates.

In addition to more than 90 other speciality plates that can be viewed at azdot.gov/plates and ordered at azmvdnow.gov/plates, MVD now offers Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock, Arizona Realtors® Homes for All, Cancer Support for Families, Diné College Warriors and U.S. Army. 

“We know that people who choose specialty license plates for their vehicles take pride in displaying their connection to these community organizations,” MVD Director Eric Jorgensen said. “MVD is pleased that we can partner with the various organizations dedicated to helping Arizonans.”

Most specialty plates cost $25 each year. Of that amount, $17 goes to a designated charity or nonprofit group. During the fiscal year that ended June 30, sales of specialty plates contributed over $12 million for various causes and charities.

Specialty plates are authorized by the Arizona Legislature and have been offered since 1989. Plate designs complete a review by ADOT and law enforcement. Personalization can be added for an additional $25 per year.

In addition to the five new plates, Arizona Coyotes and the Families of Fallen Police Officers plates have been redesigned. The Families of Fallen Police Officers plate has been changed to Honoring Fallen Police Officers.

Learn more about each of these plates:

Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock

This speciality plate supports free art, music and dance programs for all youth at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers in Phoenix and Mesa. The designated $17 goes to provide a safe space for all teens ages 12-20 to spend time, receive positive mentorship and free music, art, dance, photography and recording studio lessons and opportunities.

"Arizona is known for great sunsets, cactus, the best Mexican food, monsoons and, now, an Alice Cooper specialty license plate,” the legendary Arizona rocker said. “More importantly, this specialty plate will assist Solid Rock Teen Centers in providing free music, art and dance programs to all Arizona teenagers. We hope that many of my fellow Arizona neighbors will get this speciality plate for their cars and motorcycles to support teens in Arizona.” 

Arizona Realtors® Homes for All

This specialty plate is available to anyone, and proceeds go to the Arizona REALTORS® Foundation for Housing and Community Outreach to help Arizona communities establish housing projects. 

“The Arizona REALTORS® is grateful for the opportunity to support affordable housing projects across our great State as we help Arizonans on their path to the American Dream of homeownership,” said Eric Gibbs, 2023 Arizona REALTORS® President. “This plate furthers the mission of the Foundation for Housing and Community Outreach whose projects and efforts address the condition of, access to, and availability of housing. Together, we can reduce homelessness and foster the dream of owning a home.”

Cancer Support for Families

This specialty plate is available to anyone, with proceeds going to Cancer Support Community Arizona’s emotional and social support services.   

“Cancer Support Community Arizona is extremely excited to have a specialty license plate that will highlight what we do in our community,” said Annet Ruiter, Cancer Support Community Arizona Chief Mission Officer. “This is just another great way people can get involved with Cancer Support Community Arizona and ultimately make a bigger impact for people impacted by cancer in Arizona. Anyone who purchases this plate helps us offer more than 100 free programs per month that are specially designed to support cancer patients, their families, and caregivers including support groups, healthy lifestyle programs, education presentations, social connections, and embedded hospital navigators who connect cancer patients to resources. Thank you for helping us ensure that Community is Stronger than Cancer.”

Diné College Warriors 

This specialty plate is available to anyone, with proceeds supporting the educational pursuits and success of students at Diné College on the Navajo Nation.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division to release these special license plates," said Dr. Charles “Monty” Roessel, President of Diné College. "By displaying these plates on their vehicles, our students, alumni, and supporters can proudly showcase their commitment to education and their connection to the Navajo Nation. We encourage all Navajo Nation members, Diné College supporters, and those who value education and cultural heritage to consider purchasing these special license plates. Your support will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and contribute to the continued success of Diné College."

U.S. Army

This specialty plate is available to anyone, with proceeds going toward scholarships for children of soldiers and spouses of active duty enlisted soldiers.

“The directors and all-volunteer team at the Army Scholarship Foundation are most grateful to the State of Arizona and the Arizona retired military community for making the U.S. Army specialty license plate possible,” said Jeff Gault, U.S. Army retired, and Chief Executive of the Army Scholarship Foundation.  "We are especially appreciative of Chief Warrant Officer Robert Rosales, U.S. Army retired, of Tucson, AZ for his leadership and untiring efforts to see this project to completion.  We are so grateful for this incredible opportunity and are also most appreciative of the generosity, service, and patriotism of all who purchase the license plate. This will assist our American military family members who are in pursuit of their educational dreams for a better life and a better America."

Those who currently have Arizona Coyotes and Families of Fallen Police Officers plates may request the new designs for a $5 replacement fee plus postage. The previous design will remain valid for use. 

Proceeds from the Arizona Coyotes plate go to the Arizona Coyotes Foundation, which supports organizations and programs that promote access to education, health and wellness and economic advancement in underserved and diverse communities. The Honoring Fallen Police Officers plate benefits C.O.P.S. Arizona, which provides support and resources to survivors and co-workers affected by line-of-duty deaths.

To view and order any specialty plate, please visit azmvdnow.gov