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ADOT Warns Consumers of Motor Vehicle Information Scams

ADOT Warns Consumers of Motor Vehicle Information Scams

April 25, 2013

PHOENIX —Today’s technology has provided many benefits for people to improve their personal lives and work place productivity. Unfortunately, those same advances in technology have also created opportunities for scam artists to create several fraud schemes with references to Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division services.

The illegal schemes seek to obtain personal information from individuals to be used for identity theft, or to obtain credit card and other financial account information in order to drain the funds of a consumer. The scam artists use references such as DMV or MVD as part of their fraudulent message to mislead potential victims and gain their trust.

ADOT and MVD will not send its customers any materials to promote any commercial business product or service. Please note there are Authorized Third Parties that are private businesses that have contracts and are licensed by ADOT to perform specific driver license, title and registration services. The ATPs are allowed to promote their business with advertisements and solicitations limited in accordance with state law. There are forms of legitimate advertising that may incorporate terminology common to motor vehicle transactions.

The personal information that is obtained by MVD from its customers in the normal course of conducting state-mandated services is not sold to any private entities for commercially based solicitations, surveys or product advertisements.

Consumers can protect themselves from fraud by remembering these tips:

  • If you are contacted by phone, email or direct mail with any type of commercial solicitation or inquiry using terminology such as MVD or DMV, you are not being contacted by ADOT.
  • Protect your personal information and don’t become a victim. Be aware of the various scams and fraud schemes happening every day.
  • Make sure your current and correct address is on file with MVD in order to receive important documents or other notices. Insuring MVD has the correct address on file minimizes the possibility of personal information being delivered to the wrong address.
  • ADOT MVD only has one website for driver license or motor vehicle services: www.servicearizona.com.
  • Motor vehicle and driver license information may also be obtained at any local area MVD office.