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Avoid scam ‘DMV’ sites: Accept no substitutes for ServiceArizona.com

Avoid scam ‘DMV’ sites: Accept no substitutes for ServiceArizona.com

September 20, 2017

PHOENIX – Arizona sometimes likes to do things differently – like having a Motor Vehicle Division instead of a Department of Motor Vehicles.

But what might seem like a simple name difference can lead the unsuspecting to unauthorized websites and scams when they’re simply searching for ways to do business online with the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division.

That’s because many people may reflexively do a web search for the “Arizona DMV” or something similar, and that can lead them to websites that aren’t affiliated with the MVD.

“ServiceArizona.com is the only authorized web portal for the MVD, and people need to be wary of imitation sites that could be a scam,” said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser-Richards.

She added, “There are fraudulent websites falsely offering motor vehicle services such as Arizona driver licenses, IDs, and vehicle titles and registration. They can appear in searches with keywords such as MVD or DMV. The best protection for our customers is to always use ServiceArizona.com.”

Customers can use ServiceArizona.com to conduct well over half of motor vehicle transactions, such as applying for a duplicate driver license or driver license reinstatement, renewing a vehicle registration and purchasing a specialty or personalized license plate.

In the last year, MVD has also added options for updating customers’ vehicle insurance status and making road test appointments online.

Currently, a person cannot obtain a driver license online. To do so a customer must visit a local MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

Additionally, ADOT does not offer MVD services through phone solicitations, nor does it endorse or advertise for online businesses claiming to provide MVD services.

There are legitimate Authorized Third Party businesses that are licensed and authorized to perform MVD transactions in person. A list of Authorized Third Party businesses can be found at azdot.gov/mvd.

For online service options: servicearizona.com