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Take action when you see motorists trashing Arizona

Take action when you see motorists trashing Arizona

April 19, 2017

PHOENIX – If watching someone toss a cigarette butt out the car window has ever made you mad, there’s an easy way to take action: Report the offender to the Arizona Litter Hotline.

In partnership with Keep Arizona Beautiful, the Arizona Department of Transportation maintains this hotline to spread the word about the harm roadside litter causes. All that’s required is providing the vehicle’s license plate number and incident details in a call to 877.3LITTER or on the Keep Arizona Beautiful website at kazb.org.

Once Keep Arizona Beautiful receives a report, the owner will get a free litter bag and a letter noting that someone was reported tossing trash from the vehicle, explaining how roadside litter trashes Arizona and reminding the owner that littering fines go up to $500.

Hundreds of letters go out each year. Nothing is shared with law enforcement, and those reported have no points added to their driver licenses.

Taxpayers pay more than $6 million each year to clean up litter along Arizona highways. Besides marring our state’s scenery, litter on roads can be dangerous and cause crashes.

In addition to the hotline, ADOT combats litter through its Adopt a Highway programs. Adopt a Highway volunteers can apply for two-year permits to clean up roadside litter, or businesses can contract with maintenance providers to perform the work as part of the Adopt a Highway sponsor program.

More information on ADOT’s Adopt a Highway program is available at azdot.gov/AdoptaHighway.