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Thousands of Adopt a Highway volunteers making a big difference

Thousands of Adopt a Highway volunteers making a big difference

April 21, 2023

More than 12,500 bags of litter collected from state highways in 2022

If you’re lucky enough to drive through our scenic state during this National Volunteer Week, please consider the efforts of Adopt a Highway volunteers who help Keep It Grand

In 2022 alone, more than 6,000 of these dedicated individuals filled more than 12,500 bags of litter, mainly outside of metropolitan areas. That’s enough bags to fill almost 18 semi trailers. And about as heavy as 13 fully grown African elephants

The dollar value of these volunteers’ time topped $600,000 during 2022. That’s money that can be put to other uses within the state highway system. More importantly, their volunteering beautifies highways that provide a first impression of Arizona for many visitors.

There’s plenty of opportunity for even more Arizonans to become Adopt a Highway volunteers. Civic-minded individuals, families, religious groups and others may receive two-year permits to clean up roadside litter on 2-mile highway segments, largely in rural areas, deemed safe for volunteers.

Participation is easy: You agree to pick up litter in your adopted stretch at least once per year and preferably three or more times a year. You coordinate with ADOT to arrange for safety vests, litter bags and training for pickup events and then report the results. Then you bask in the satisfaction of knowing you and your group have helped Keep It Grand

Another benefit: Each adopted stretch has a sign bearing the Adopt a Highway group’s name.

For more information and to join our Adopt a Highway family, please visit azdot.gov/AdoptAHighway.