Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP)

Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP)

The Rural Transit Assistance Program (49 U.S.C. 5311(b)(3))  is funded through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and offers training, technical assistance, and research opportunities as well as other support services to improve the delivery of transit services in non-urbanized areas.

The National RTAP website offers many valuable resources such as toolkits, a Resource Library, and e-learning opportunities.

The Arizona Transit Association (AzTA) website offers resources and training opportunities for Arizona transit providers.

The mission of the Arizona State RTAP is to enhance and develop the skills and abilities of the persons involved in providing passenger service in rural Arizona.

  • To promote the safe and effective delivery of training for the 5311 and 5310 grantees.
  • To foster the development of state and local capacity for addressing the training and technical assistance needs of the rural/small urban transportation community.
  • To improve the quality of information through the development of training and technical assistance resource materials.
  • To facilitate peer-to-peer self-help through the development of local networks of transit professionals.
  • To support the coordination of public, private, specialized and human service transportation services.
  • To provide necessary training materials, a network of certified trainers, and scholarships for training events and conferences.

Requests for training must be approved by the RTAP Coordinator at least 30 days prior to attendance and reimbursement for training expenses must be submitted within 45 days of training.

All training requests will follow the procedure outlined in the RTAP Policy and Procedures Manual. For additional information on program training requirements or to request training, contact the RTAP Training Coordinator at [email protected].