TMAs, MPOs and COGs

ADOT, MPO, and COG Guidelines and Procedures Manual

The ADOT, MPO, and COG Guidelines and Procedures Manual is intended to be a resource document to assist in outlining the guidelines and procedures to conduct regional transportation planning functions and programs administered by the ADOT Multimodal Planning Division.

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Transportation Management Areas (TMA)

A TMA is designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation for an urbanized area with a population of at least 200,000. Congress provided for this greater role by MPOs through a certification review aimed at formalizing the continuing oversight and day-to-day evaluation of the planning process.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO)

An MPO is a governmental entity required in urban areas with a population of 50,000 persons or more. The MPO is charged with providing a comprehensive regional transportation planning process for the designated planning area.

Councils of Government (COG)

A COG is a regional body with voluntary membership that provides a forum for regional transportation planning, collaboration, and decision making in regions comprising several counties with a total contiguously urbanized population of less than 50,000.