ADOT, MPO, and COG Guidelines and Procedures Manual

ADOT, MPO, and COG Guidelines and Procedures Manual

The ADOT, MPO, and COG Guidelines and Procedures Manual is intended to be a resource document to assist in outlining the guidelines and procedures to conduct regional transportation planning functions and programs administered by the ADOT Multimodal Planning Division.

In every part of Arizona, the regional planning agencies, in cooperation with ADOT, have an important role in planning and coordinating transportation projects. ADOT's planning partners often are responsible for facilitating the project process between local communities, public transit providers and ADOT. Although they typically also address other (non-transportation) planning issues, transportation is the focus of this specific manual. This manual provides guidance related to the planning processes and administrative requirements when facilitating transportation planning activities. The goal of this manual is to clarify roles and responsibilities, improve efficiency among organizations and reduce questions and potential conflicts.

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For questions, please contact Jason James, Regional Planning Manager at 602.712.6166 or the Regional Transportation Planner.

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