Master Plan Process (ASBIMP)

Master Plan Process (ASBIMP)

Master Plan Process

The ASBIMP will develop a list of prioritized Arizona-Sonora border-related infrastructure projects or studies, and their readiness for funding and implementation. The ASBIMP study area extends along the entire 360-mile Arizona-Sonora border, which incorporates a wide range of international jurisdictions, including federal, tribal, state, county, and city governments on both sides of the border.

Updating the ASBIMP involves five phases and is scheduled for completion in mid-2023.  

  • Project Initiation - create a Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and Technical Working Group (TWG) to foster community engagement.
  • Existing and Future Conditions – collect and review existing conditions and data.
  • Identify Operational and Infrastructure Needs – identify LPOE, highway, rail, roadway, and bridge needs.
  • Evaluate and Prioritize – evaluate and prioritize potential projects, including new, modernized and expanded LPOEs, adjacent highways and roads on both sides of the border, bridges and rail infrastructure.
  • Prepare Draft / Final Report – prepare a draft and final ASBIMP.

Plan Area Map

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The PAC will consist of leadership from participating agencies. The PAC is responsible for providing ASBIMP direction and approval of all project parameters and criteria.

The TWG includes participating agency senior staff. The TWG is tasked with providing requested data and information and making recommendations to the PAC. Both the PAC and the TWG will meet throughout the ASBIMP development.

Stakeholders will also have input into the process via the website and surveys. Opportunities for additional interaction may be developed throughout the process.