Public Outreach - GCNPA Drainage Master Plan and Water Use Study

The approach to public involvement during the Drainage Master Plan and Water Use Study is multifaceted. Public information workshops will occur during the study. The workshops will be conducted in an open-house format, where the public and airport stakeholders can visit with the project team and ask study-related questions. The workshops are typically scheduled in the early evening. The date, time and location of the workshops will be advertised and posted in advance on this website.

The community and airport stakeholders are encouraged to provide comments and feedback to the project team.  Comment sheets are provided to the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and at the public information workshops. The community and airport stakeholders can also use the Comments tab on this website.


The original PAC was developed during the recently completed GCN Airport Master Plan (AMP) process. To continue the continuity of the AMP committee, a majority of the PAC members will also participate on this study to leverage their knowledge and experience. Some PAC members changed slightly from the AMP to reflect the focus of the new study. The PAC includes representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, Arizona Department of Transportation's Multimodal Planning Division Aeronautics Group, Havasupai Tribe, airport businesses, tenants, county and local municipal governments, and other area interest groups. The PAC consists of approximately 20 members to help facilitate detailed discussion and exchange of ideas.