Entry Monument and Signage Repair and Renovation

Entry Monument and Signage Repair and Renovation


Project Rationale

The airport entry monument is in a severe state of disrepair, and the wayfinding signage as well as the street signs are old, faded, and no longer complete their task of helping customers find their way to their flights. The airport decided that a complete repair and renovation of the entry monuments and a radical re-thinking of our wayfinding signage was in order.


Design Phase

The project is currently under design by DWL Architects of Phoenix. The design is what we like to call “Rocky Mountain Tech,” which is a fusion of the natural rock and traditional colors of the Grand Canyon with the modern look of metal and LED displays to help tourists find tenant businesses.

Design will be complete by May 31, 2021.


Construction Phase

Construction will commence some time after July 1, 2021 and we anticipate completion before Christmas.


What to Expect

Construction may cause some traffic congestion on airport property, and may occasionally disrupt the normal flow of traffic on State Route 64 near milepost 235. We will strive to disrupt traffic as little as possible.


Project Cost

Design: $250,000

Construction: We do not yet have an engineer’s estimate

Because this is a repair and not a capital improvement, it is ineligible for FAA funding. The project will be funded by the Airport’s Operations and Maintenance budget.