TBT Mule grading
Here's a photo that reminds us why we are happy working in these mechanized times.
I-17 portable signs
The important ongoing project to reconstruct the Interstate 17 bridge over Central Avenue south of downtown Phoenix remains in...
ADOT Kids construction zone maze
If you love construction, work zones and freeways, we have a word search and maze for you to complete.
Construction work zone
Ever driven through a construction zone and not seen anyone working? Well, there could be a few reasons for that, but most of the time is because crews are working when there is less traffic on the highway.
Governor Ducey at State Route 189 groundbreaking
On March 4, Governor Doug Ducey and others gathered in Nogales to break ground for a project improving State Route 189, the 3...
Map of Tombstone-Nogales Highway
Ninety-eight years ago, the Tombstone Epitaph's front page shared "about the best announcement that has come to Cochise County on road work for some time." Today, the result is SR 82.


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