Distracted Drivers Terrify Me

And the Emmy goes to: The Arizona Department of Transportation! ADOT was awarded its first ever Emmy in the Public Service Announcement category for its "Distracted drivers terrify me" campaign.
There's been a lot of focus on distracted drivers the past few weeks, so ADOT Director John Halikowski shares what the "buzz" is all about.
It's April Fools Day, but we don't want you to be a fool on the road. Driving distracted is a leading factor in fatal crashes.
It's not always easy to reach people with a message about distracted driving, so we are taking the message onto social media with new stickers and profile frames.
To launch a new awareness campaign, we found people in some truly high-pressure jobs who's greatest fear is still distracted driving.
PHOENIX – Fearless people are all around us. Handlers of venomous snakes. Rodeo bullfighters. Electrical workers who do repairs from the sky. But there’s one thing that terrifies these brave souls...