From the Director: Do distracted drivers terrify you?

From the Director: Do distracted drivers terrify you?

By John Halikowski / ADOT Director
October 7, 2020

Driver behavior is a leading factor in more than 90% of crashes.  Distracted driving is just one of the primary contributors to the rising number of traffic incidents on our roadways … the other factors are speeding, impairment and aggressive driving. Being a responsible driver is the key to reducing the number of crashes and keeping our roadways safe for everyone.

The Arizona Department of Transportation looks for creative ways to communicate our messages to drivers, to behave responsibly behind the wheel. You are familiar with our safety message contest. We receive thousands of entries and select two or three that appear on our electronic message boards statewide. The messages tell drivers to be responsible behind the wheel.

Bringing attention to distracted driving required the same creative mindset. Last week, we launched a distracted driving awareness campaign, “Distracted Drivers Terrify Me.”  I highly recommend that you watch the first of three 30-second public service announcement videos at The campaign features regular people doing jobs most of us would find frightening – a snake handler to an electrical lineman.

The bottom line is this – we need to change driver behavior. We need everyone to be responsible drivers. Put down the phone. Don’t play with the radio dial. Don’t take your eyes off the road. Be responsible. 

Right now, distracted drivers terrify me!