It's National Engineers Week and those of us at ADOT are celebrating!
Engineers are kind of a big deal here at ADOT.
Saying that engineers are an important part of ADOT is really kind of an understatement.
Today, we bring you a guest blog post from one of ADOT's Engineers in Training, who describes what she learned and accomplished during her rotation through ADOT’s communications division.
We're celebrating Engineers Week by looking back at some of our previous engineering-focused blog posts.
We draw them, we review them and we use them during construction, because they tell us what to do. Roadway plans are common around ADOT, but maybe you’ve never seen them for yourself.
According to one dictionary’s definition, engineering is “the art or science of making practical application of the knowledge of pure sciences, as physics or chemistry, as in the construction of engines, bridges, buildings, mines, ships and chemical plants.” Sure, it’s an accurate description, but do you get any real sense of what an engineer does from reading that?
When it comes to designing a road, just knowing where it’s going to be built isn’t enough – engineers have to really understand the area’s features and terrain before they can even begin to plan. This is where ADOT’s Engineering Survey section comes in…
Becoming a licensed, professional engineer takes more than just a college diploma… After graduation there are some tough exams involved, along with a requirement to obtain four years of engineering experience under a licensed Professional Engineer (PE).
Did you realize this week is National Engineers Week? It’s a pretty big deal around here because ADOT has so many engineers who come to work each day to build, operate and maintain the state’s highway system.