NewsBeat, 1986
We're taking you back to the beginnings of the Engineer-in-Training program.
Deck Pour
We're looking back at the blogs that showcase engineering for National Engineers Week.
Pavement mixture
Materials engineers evaluate everything from the rocks that go into cement to the reflective beads used in paints that stripe roadways to the bolts that help hold bridges together.
Traffic Signals
Traffic engineers explain how they keep vehicles moving and the new technology that is ahead.
Crane moves trench box into place to support walls and protect workers.
It's National Engineers Week and those of us at ADOT are celebrating!
Bridge under construction
Engineers are kind of a big deal here at ADOT.
ADOT Engineers examine US 89 after landslide
Saying that engineers are an important part of ADOT is really kind of an understatement.
Highway overpasses
Today, we bring you a guest blog post from one of ADOT's Engineers in Training, who describes what she learned and accomplished during her rotation through ADOT’s communications division.
Group of Engineers touring
We're celebrating Engineers Week by looking back at some of our previous engineering-focused blog posts.
We draw them, we review them and we use them during construction, because they tell us what to do. Roadway plans are common around ADOT, but maybe you’ve never seen them for yourself.


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