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Traffic Incident Management is valuable because every minute counts when responding to the scene of a traffic incident.
dust storm workshop
A look at what ADOT and other agencies are working toward in regards to dust storm safety.
I-11 Study
I-11 isn’t a highway for today. This is a corridor for the future – a future in Arizona that has the state at the center of a worldwide economy.
Buckling child into a car seat
Today's post contains safety information related to Child Passenger Safety Week and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.
Pedestrian crossing road sign
Today, we share some pedestrian and bicycle safety tips as kids head back to school.
Highway sign: Look Twice for Motorcycles
May 2014 is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and this topic is more important than ever.
Highway overpasses
Today, we bring you a guest blog post from one of ADOT's Engineers in Training, who describes what she learned and accomplished during her rotation through ADOT’s communications division.
Screenshot - Driver Services page
After you sell a vehicle, you should immediately file a Notice of Vehicle Sale with MVD. There are plenty of good reasons for this, not the least of which is to avoid an Abandoned Vehicle fee.
We draw them, we review them and we use them during construction, because they tell us what to do. Roadway plans are common around ADOT, but maybe you’ve never seen them for yourself.
Freeway interchange nicknames
We’ve compiled a list and created a map, explaining and locating popular nicknames to Phoenix’s transportation landmarks.


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