Mystery Tree

Arizona I-10 Highway
The "random act of kindness" by the person or persons decorating a scrub tree near Sunset Point inspired Dolan Ellis to write a song called "Scrubby." He visited ADOT recently to perform it.
Mystery tree
Learn about a mystery involving the I-17 Mystery Tree, which is once again decked out for the holidays.
Mystery tree
We're revisiting an old blog post about the "mystery tree" that grows next to I-17.
Shoe Tree
The “mystery tree” on I-17 still has us baffled, so imagine our bewilderment upon seeing these photos of a shoe tree off of State Route 87, south of Payson.
A mystery tree that is decorated each Christmas and Fourth of July survives fire.
It’s not often that a tree gets wrapped up in a mystery, but a lot of unanswered questions surround one Juniper growing next to I-17. Some Arizonans might already know about the tree – it’s actually sort of famous around the state and even has its own Wikipedia page.
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