Shoe Tree near SR 87 is an Arizona curiosity

Shoe Tree near SR 87 is an Arizona curiosity

July 24, 2012

This "Shoe Tree" off of State Route 87 has us puzzled!

The “mystery tree” on I-17 still has us baffled, so imagine our bewilderment upon seeing these photos of a shoe tree off of State Route 87, south of Payson.

That’s right – there’s a literal shoe tree just sitting alongside the road!

And, our Arizona shoe tree isn’t the only one, at least according to – a site devoted to the oddities found along America’s highways.

There are shoe trees all across the country … who knew?

So, are we the only ones who have never heard of, or seen a shoe tree before? Have you come across the Arizona shoe tree?


This shoe tree is off SR 87, south 
of Payson near milepost 223.

Maybe you’ve thrown a pair of your own sneakers up on those branches?

Let us know in the blog comments or on our Facebook page … and, while you’re at it, tell us about any of your favorite Arizona roadside curiosities.

Editor’s Note: The Arizona Department of Transportation will remove any object within the ADOT right of way that presents a hazard. ADOT reminds drivers that highway shoulders are for emergencies only, and parking on them for any other reason is hazardous.

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