It is National Teen Driver Safety Week and while teenagers might view a driver license as their key to independence, parents and guardians know these new drivers still need plenty of guidance.
Buckling child into a car seat
Today's post contains safety information related to Child Passenger Safety Week and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.
Pedestrian crossing road sign
Today, we share some pedestrian and bicycle safety tips as kids head back to school.
Wrong way road sign
New steps are being taken in the Phoenix area in efforts to get the attention of wrong-way drivers before they enter a freeway in the wrong direction.
Will you know what to do?
Dust and wind must make for some good poetic inspiration, because we’ve received so many outstanding Haboob Haikus!
Pull Aside, Stay Alive: Pull completely off the roadway, take your foot off the break, turn lights off and keep seatbelt on
Monsoon season starts this Sunday and brings with it the increased chance of high winds, blowing dust and other conditions that can really impact your drive.
Dust Storm
ADOT is conducting research into communication about dust storms and drivers are invited to participate in a brief online survey.
Dust Storm
If you’ve got 17 syllables to spare, we want to hear from you because #HaboobHaiku is back!
dust storm
We’re headed into monsoon season, which means motorists need to be on alert. High winds, blowing dust and other conditions that can impact your drive are more common this time of year.


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