We recently shared some important tips for motorists to keep in mind as they hit the road this summer season, but safe driving can start before you even leave the driveway. That's why we're bringing you this guest blog post today from our friends at AAA of Arizona. It provides some great information on the three basic maintenance checks all drivers should perform before taking off on a summer road trip.
A three-day weekend is coming up and that means a lot of people will be hitting the road… It’s the perfect time to take a road trip, but it’s also wildfire season and we’ve all got to be a bit more careful in this dry, desert climate we live.
Late last week a travel alert went out to warn drivers of some heavy smoke present near SR 69 due to the Gladiator Fire burning near Crown King.
Large barrel shaped containers filled with sand designed to cushion crashes
What’s filled with sand, weighs up to 1,400 pounds and is designed to save lives? If you answered a sand barrel crash cushion, you’re correct! And, if you didn’t have a guess then you’re probably asking: What’s a sand barrel crash cushion?
Cocker Spaniel pup sports an cast after being injured on an Arizona Highway
It goes without saying that pets and highways are a dangerous combination. Still, thousands of dogs and cats end up on Arizona’s highways every year often suffering serious or fatal injuries and contributing to motor vehicle crashes.
A fixed attentuator that has been hit
Back in July we told you all about truck-mounted attenuators and how vital they are to the safety of ADOT employees and drivers out on the road. But, there’s another type of attenuator that acts on the same principle and does just as much to protect motorists...
Part of a Crash Facts Report Cover with a cactus, mountain and Phoenix skyline shown in an Arizona shape
ADOT's new Crash Facts report shows the number of fatal crashes was on the decline in 2010.
Smoke from the Wallow fire rises about the trees along the highway
Last week when we told you about National Preparedness Month, we briefly detailed the role ADOT plays when it comes to public safety. But, there’s a whole lot more to say on the subject, and who better to write about it than ADOT’s very own Emergency Manager…
A top view of solar panels
When prices at the pump started to spike a couple years ago, ADOT began looking at ways to cut fuel costs for the 4,200 vehicles in its fleet. And, believe it or not, the idea for a very promising solution came from the roof of a pretend cop car … well, sort of.
No Passing Sign:  15 mph, fines double, school in session
The need for pedestrian and bicyclist safety at schools, especially involving young students, cannot be overemphasized. While federal, state and local agencies are encouraging fit and healthy lifestyles by promoting walking and biking to school, the safety of these children should be our highest priority.


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