Snow plow
We’re wrapping up the week with a new video that shows off some winter driving season stats.
Know snow by the numbers
Our new infographic outlines many important facts about snowplows and ADOT's winter operations.
The safest location for drivers would be to try to stay behind a plow at a safe distance. If you’re behind a plow, you’re going to get from point A to point B.
Snow truck
Every year, ADOT invites members of the media (and their audiences) to take an up-close look at all the equipment that’s involved in keeping the roads clear once the winter weather hits.
An assortment of used snowplows are up for auction.
Looking for a used car? Or, maybe you’re in the market for a pickup truck? How about an old snowplow – got any room in your garage for one of those?
Snowplow works down a snowy road.
Winter isn’t officially here yet, but Arizona has already received some snowy weather this month. Don’t worry … the season’s early start hasn’t caught ADOT off guard.
ADOT snowplow drivers and support staff already are preparing for the icy, cold months ahead… And, yes, ADOT has snowplow drivers – the state isn’t all desert! Arizona winters always bring plenty of storms to keep our crews busy … remember this doozy from March?
Snowplow head out of the ADOT yard to handle new snow
Just a couple days before the official start of spring, our state experienced a severe winter storm that left up to 36 inches of snow in some spots.
Snow on I-40
Snow-covered, icy highways get swift attention from ADOT crews each winter, but some routes face factors so severe, that completely closing the road down for a few months is the best option.
ADOT Snowplow
Driving a snowplow is a lot harder than it looks … Luckily, ADOT has about 395 employees trained and ready to operate the nearly 200 snowplows in Arizona’s fleet.


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