Snowblower clears snow from State Route 273
Check out how our crews were able to recently reopen highways in the White Mountains after seasonal closures.
Tow snow plow clears snow along I-40.
ADOT's snowplow drivers are ready for the severe winter weather that's already underway. Can you say the same for your vehicle?
Snowy Roads
If you were born and raised south of Cordes Junction, let’s face it: You’re probably not an expert when it comes to driving in snow. We're here to help.
Tow plow removes snow
ADOT staff members in the field shared photos and video during the recent snowstorm to help drivers make safe decisions.
Snowplow training
Mother Nature seems to think it's still summer in Arizona, but ADOT is gearing up for winter.
Snow blower
A snowblower in action doesn't scream "spring has sprung," but that's exactly what's happening on State Route 67 north of the Grand Canyon.


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