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Arizona Highways specialty license plate
More han 70 specialty licenses plates are avaiable in Arizona, but which were the most popular in 2022?
new Arizona specialty license plates
Four new specialty license plates have been made available to Arizonans.
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How well do you know your Arizona specialty license plates? Take the quiz to find out!
Make-A-Wish Arizona specialty plate
Arizona is the founding chapter of the Make-A-Wish organization and also the first to sponsor a license plate. Order a Make-A-Wish Arizona specialty plate and help make wishes come true.
United States Code Talkers specialty license plate
In 2020, Flagstaff student Alyssa Williams's design for the Code Talker specialty license plate won a contest. Now, her design honoring the Code Talkers has made it's way to license plates.
Arizona rodeo specialty license plate
One of the newsest specialty license plates is from Arizona Rodeo.
VFW license plate photo
Helping more veterans and their communities: That's the goal of two new specialty plates for Veterans of Foreign Wars and Veterans of Foreign Wars Arizona Auxiliary.
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Was your favorite specialty license plate one of the most popular plates?
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