Throwback Thursday

Drainage pipes installed during widening of SR 96
We are throwing back to a reconstruction project in the 1970s of one of the state's lesser-used highways.
Florence Daniels as she operates one of the new automatic-dial switchboards.
Recently ADOT switched to using Google for our email services. While a big switch, it has nothing on two phone projects the agency took on in the late 70s and early 80s.
Archive photo of woman driving with child in car seat in front of the car.
For this Throwback Thursday, we look back to a 1973, when safety standards were a little different than they are today.
Arizona license plate, circa 1931
In the midst of the Great Depression the state Highway Commission came up with an idea to boost Arizona's copper industry through some unusual license plates.
Salt River Bridge
Whether today or 40 years ago, our highway engineers and crews are thinking about how to move traffic from one side to the other of the Salt River in Phoenix.
An MVD driver license examiner conducts a road test at the Encanto Office Jan. 26, 1979
The cars may have changed since 1979, but MVD employees are still helping prospective drivers earn their licenses through the road test.
Yellow 1959 Chevrolet Apache pickup
We're sharing the story of 60-year-old truck that has a special place at ADOT.
Trust Building and Court House, 1906
For today's Throwback Thursday, we go to Globe back during the horse-and-buggy era.
Vintage photo of Truck at a commercial port
Let's look back to the days when Motor Vehicle Division officers manned ports of entry to illustrate ADOT's continuing support of commercial travel and safety.
Snow plow
With triple-digit temperatures, it can be hard to recall those winter days when snow-covered roads require plowing to make passage possible.


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