Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday I-10 at Broadway Curve
We're thinking a lot about the Broadway Curve right now, which makes this photo particularly fitting.
Bill Williams River bridge on SR 95
Today we are throwing back to the Bill Williams River bridge on State Route 95 and all the history that one place embodies.
I-40 construction circa 1968
We like throwing back to how the highways and freeways we know today were designed and built. Hundreds, if not thousands, of...
I-19 Construction south of Green Valley Feb. 1977
We were lucky that today's Throwback Thursday photo tells us it was snapped during I-19's construction in February 1977 between Tubac and Canoa Ranch.
US 666 near Safford
Just in time for Halloween: We can't tell you when this photo was taken. But we can tell you where: the Devil's Highway.
I-17 at Copper Canyon undated
We are thinking a lot about I-17 today and that has us reminiscing about this highway's important past.
April 2006 construction at Burro Creek Bridge
We've been working on widening and improving US 93 for more than a decade, so its a good time to look back and what we have achieved so far.
From typewriters to computers, pen-and-ink maps to satellite imagery, ADOT's office tech has evolved a lot in the past few decades.
Rain storm
On this date in 1917, some heavy weather took a toll on the Ajo Highway and in Flagstaff. It's as good a reason as any to talk about driving safely in bad weather.
I-17 SB Camelback 1966
Can you pick out where this picture in the Valley was taken more than 50 years ago?


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