Traffic Cameras

The Friday Five has update on all things ADOT for the first week of September, including a new roundabout and a major closure coming to Surprise.
View from new high definition traffic camera
Drivers using SR 347 through Maricopa and the Loop 202 Santan Freeway have a new way to view traffic conditions.
Jerome White
ADOT hasn't cornered the market on faraway cameras that help motorists learn about weather conditions. Here are some of our favorites.
Traffic Camera: US 60 south of Wickenburg.
Just in time for more winter weather this weekend, we've expanded your view of highways and conditions with nine new cameras around the state.
Remote traffic monitoring
A new communication system allows ADOT to remotely monitor and adjust traffic signals.
Traffic camera image with location in black bar at the top
ADOT has changed how frequently camera images refresh from every 10 seconds to every five seconds.
New Traffic Cameras
New traffic cameras give a travelers a fresh perspective on Phoenix freeways.
CCTV cameras
Maybe you've noticed some of the cameras that are perched high above the roadways ... These are Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and are used by ADOT's Traffic Operations Center (TOC) to constantly monitor traffic conditions throughout the state.


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