Traffic Incident Management

Quick Clearance graphic
Dallas Hammit, the state engineer, reminds people involved in a non-injury crash to practice quick clearance for the safety of themselves and other drivers.
Sweeping glass is one of the IRU's tasks
In the last three months our Incident Response Unit has given Phoenix motorists a lot to be thankful for.
Cars pass a crew dealing with an incident
Please share these tips with family and friends so even more drivers become aware of how they can contribute to making our roads safer.
Incident Response Unit
ADOT has created new teams to better respond to the scene of highway crashes.
Manejo De Incidentes De Tráfico: Despeje Rápido
Today’s blog, for our Spanish-speaking audience, explains what to do in a fender bender. It’s called Quick Clearance.
Dynamic Message Sign: Fender Bender? Save your rear and quickly clear.
Make sure you know what to do in a fender bender to keep yourself and others safe.
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