US 89

Us 89 landslide blasting
In order to repair the landslide-damaged portion of US 89, crews will need to drill and blast rock above the slide, then truck it below to build a buttress that will stabilize the area. ADOT captured one of the blasts on video.
US 89 Landslide
Crews have just started work to reconstruct the landslide-damaged portion of US 89 south of Page and, as you can see in today's photos, considerable progress has already been made.
Cameron Truss Bridge
ADOT started a project to expand US 89 from two lanes to four lanes through the community of Cameron. The project also includes the removal and replacement of the existing US 89 Cameron Truss Bridge.
Comparing a pickup truck and a large hauling truck
The reconstruction of US 89 between Bitter Springs and Page will begin later this month.
landslide area
ADOT is continuing its work toward rebuilding US 89 as soon as safely possible and while there’s no huge project milestone to share with you at the moment, we thought you might be interested in a quick update.


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